Process and finalize an order

Finalizing an initial signup order usually includes an interactive payment processed on client side by the customer. When using this API endpoint rather than SubscriptionJS no customer interaction is involved.
For this reason the endpoint can only be used for payment on account or if no payment method is required. For interactive payment please use paySignupInteractive() from SubscriptionJS instead.
Committing signup order without payment method must be activated in plan variant settings!
When finalizing orders for an existing contract payment is done asynchronously from the order process with the currently active payment method. In contrast to upgradePaySync() in SubscriptionJS the
order is finished successful independent from a successful payment. If you don't want this behaviour please use upgradePaySync() from SubscriptionJS.

Committing an order might trigger a billing process. Potential credits from the old plan and receivables from the new plan will be applied to the ledger. An invoice will be created. If a plan up-/downgrade is
involved the billing and fee periods will be based upon update time. If an order is scheduled for a future date the billing process might not be triggered with the commit. This depends on several conditions.

To use possibly existing payment data just commit an empty payload -> {}!

Allowed PaymentMethods are:


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