Getting Started

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Get familiar with the Billwerk+ Transform through introductory documentation, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of our software solution.

Billwerk+ Transform provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with which subscriptions can be managed and automatically recurring billing can be carried out. In addition, electronic means of payment can be used via connected payment service providers (PSP), and payments can be triggered automatically. The integrated monitoring of open items (payment escalation) makes it possible to do outstanding payments automatically.

Billwerk generates and saves invoices and credit notes as part of the billing process. The payment escalation can generate dunning letters.

All generated documents can be automatically sent to customers by Billwerk via e-mail attachment or postal letter. Billwerk manufactures the Billwerk software and is the operator of the SaaS platform.

When a new customer subscribes to a Plan Variant, a successful order process will generate a Customer and a Contract. The Customer object contains personal data like name and address. The Contract specifies the subscription details like subscribed plan variant, billing period, payment bearer, current balance, etc. A customer might want to subscribe to several independent products. A separate Contract will represent each subscription.