Self-Service or SubscriptionJS

When deciding between the hosted self-service and the SubscriptionJS approach, there are several factors to consider. While the hosted self-service might seem like the easier route, it's essential to evaluate the features you need for your platform.

Comparison: JS vs. SelfService

Make a custom page layout
Have full styling freedom
Have additional form fields for custom data.
Hide specific form fields
Add custom validation
Divide the signup process into different steps
Add custom functionality

Note: The list of features and differences could be extended endlessly. The main takeaway is understanding the level of customization and flexibility you require. Achieving all customization requirements with a hosted signup page can be challenging, if not impossible. It might even make the custom configuration more intricate than building the self-service from scratch. This realization led to the creation of SubscriptionJS.

Why Choose SubscriptionJS?

SubscriptionJS offers unparalleled flexibility combined with a user-friendly interface to Billwerk+ Transform. It's designed for businesses that need a higher degree of customization and control over their customer self-service pages.

For those looking for a quick start, the SubscriptionJS documentation provides handy code snippets, functioning like a construction kit, to assist in the integration process.