Ensuring your system remains in sync with changes made through customer self-service in Billwerk+ Premium & Enterprise is vital for consistency and reliability. Please observe the following advice to maintain synchronisation:

Advice for Maintaining Synchronisation

  1. Expect Incomplete Workflows: A customer's navigation flow may not always reach the intended final step for various reasons, like browser closure or network issues.

  2. Webhooks for Sync: Utilize Billwerk+ Premium & Enterprise webhooks to keep your system updated. These webhooks should be used as triggers for any related processes on your end, ensuring that actions are taken based on confirmed events rather than expected user behaviour.

  3. Confirmation Before Action: Wait for the appropriate webhook event before taking action in your system. For instance, do not create a customer record in your database until the CustomerCreated webhook from Billwerk+ Premium & Enterprise confirms that the customer account has been successfully created.

By adhering to these practices, you will minimise the risk of desynchronisation between your system and Billwerk+ Premium & Enterprise, leading to a more robust integration and a better overall customer experience.