Refund Flow

Billwerk+ Transform users can initiate a refund process directly in the platform UI. This process begins when Billwerk+ Transform identifies a payment eligible for refund and sends all necessary data to the Integrator.

Process Overview

  • Initiation: The refund is initiated within Billwerk, which identifies the specific payment for which the refund should be processed.
  • Data Transmission: Billwerk transmits essential data to the Integrator, typically including:
    • Payment Identifier: The unique ID of the original payment.
    • Refund Identifier: A unique ID generated for the refund transaction.
    • Requested Amount: The specific amount to be refunded.

Integrator's Role

  • Processing the Refund: Upon receipt of the data, the Integrator processes the refund operation with the Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  • Storing Data: The Integrator stores data related to the refund, including any identifiers and transaction details.
  • Response to Billwerk: After processing, the Integrator sends a response back to Billwerk. This response includes:
    • The transaction status of the refund.
    • The actual amount refunded.
    • Confirmation of the transaction identifiers.

The refund process ensures that funds are appropriately returned to the customer, with all transaction details recorded and confirmed through the Integrator.