Basics - In App Purchase

All IAP services like Google, Apple and Amazon basically encapsulate the actual subscription functionality, including order process, billing, payment and others. The billwerk system integrates more or less as a monitor and data collector of these services. The control completely resides within the IAP services.

However, especially when offering a product in several of these ecosystems and most probably even separately, the billwerk system is the tool to gather all information at a centralized point. With this approach, product KPIs can be analyzed and reported as a whole.

To satisfy the growing demand for an IAP integration, we decided to offer it as a separate product with its own pricing. Our Support will gladly answer your questions.

Product Definition

Neither Apple nor Amazon provides any pricing information via their APIs, so products and their prices and periods need to be manually defined inside the billwerk product definition.



Make sure to create a separate PlanGroup for each IAP provider you want to provide to your customers. This ensures a separation of contracts, which may be important for your KPIs & Reporting.

IAP KPIs & Reporting

With the integrations, we can keep track of the IAP subscriptions. This will allow the inclusion of IAP in a lot of report types.

However, the IAP services don’t offer APIs to get information on receivables and payments.

Therefore IAP subscriptions won't be included in reports that are based on receivables or payments. It is also not possible to integrate IAP into our payment escalation process.