Hosted Customer Self-Service

Billwerk+ Transform offers hosted pages for both Signup and the Customer Portal. The integration process is straightforward, requiring minimal coding skills. However, the trade-off is that customization options are limited.

Integration Process

  • Signup Integration: The Signup process can be integrated seamlessly with a simple redirect. For every signup, you'll receive notifications via a webhook.
  • Customer Portal Integration: If you offer a login feature for your customers, integrating the hosted Customer Portal is as simple as a redirect. However, some server-side code is necessary to generate a token that provides time-limited access.

Accessing the Hosted Signup Page

The Hosted Signup Page can be accessed via the URL .../portal/signup.html#/<planVariantId>, where planVariantId is the ID of the plan variant to be subscribed to. Direct access to the signup page is also available through the Billwerk+ Transform Admin UI / Products page by clicking the hand symbol next to each plan variant.

Prefilling Customer Data

If you wish to prefill customer data, you can do so by appending the following URL parameters:

fnameFirst Name
lnameLast Name
cnameCompany Name
pnumPhone Number
emailEmail Address
hnumHouse Number
pcodePostal Code
aline1Additional address line
aline2Additional address line
countryCountry as 2-letter ISO code
vatidVAT ID
tagA tag field (e.g., for passing external IDs)
languageISO code for languages (switches page language between German and English)

Accessing the Hosted Portal Page

To open the Hosted Portal Page, request a URL with a self-service access token). Additionally, you can access the Hosted Portal of a contract via the Admin UI's contract details by selecting "Perform Action / Create Self-Service Token".