SubscriptionJS is a JavaScript SDK designed for seamless integration and full customization of your customer self-service pages. The SDK offers a straightforward yet flexible interface to Billwerk+ Transform, catering to use cases for signup and the customer portal.

Key Features

  • RESTful JSON API Integration: All actions can be executed via our RESTful JSON API or the management frontend, which communicates directly with the API.

  • Immediate Customer Interaction for Payments: Payments often necessitate immediate customer interaction, especially when dealing with sensitive payment data or when customers need to be redirected to a platform like PayPal.

  • Direct Account Management Access: The SDK grants direct access to account management functions, allowing for changes in payment data, updates to customer information, and more.

  • Iframe Element for Payment Data: SubscriptionJS includes an iframe element that acts as a form for customers to input their payment data. This feature is particularly beneficial for minimizing the PCI-DSS compliance requirements. Future versions of the SDK will introduce additional elements to simplify Billwerk+ Transform integration further.


While SubscriptionJS provides many functionalities and possibilities for customer self-service pages, it demands more effort from the merchant's side for implementation.